NZC 176 sm2

Varieties & Timing

Our growing season is December to February and varieties grown include Sonnet, Stella, Romance, Kordia, Lapins, Skeena, Sweetheart and Staccato.

 Variety  Available  Description
 Stella  Late Dec -early Jan  Dark red, sweet, attractive heart shaped
 Romance  Early Jan  Dark red, large, sweet and firm
 Kordia  Mid Jan  Dark fleshed cherry, firm and delicious
 Lapins  Early - mid Jan  Large mahogany red cherry with excellent firmness and flavour
 Skeena  Mid Jan  Large, very firm and sweet, dark red to almost black
 Sweetheart  Mid - late Jan  Large crunchy, heart-shaped, bright red with a mild sweet flesh and outstanding firmness, small pit
 Staccato  Late Jan - early Feb  Large, very crunchy red black cherry with super sweet burgundy flesh, very small pit